WP Product Review

Why you should use WP Product Review PRO Addons

All the add-ons are included into the WP Product Review PRO Bundle!

1) Increase the number of your visitors through Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets WP Product Review


2) Promote your most recent or top rated products with our customised widgets

Widget top Latest Products

Top Products Img Latest Products Img


3) Allow visitors to post reviews and select their overall influence on the grades

See demo below, in comment section.

4) Create and customize up call-to-action buttons

2 buttons red 2 buttons

5) Use shortcodes to insert reviews anywhere into your article (Add-on)


[P_REVIEW post_id=11 visual=’full’]
[P_REVIEW post_id=11 visual=’yes’]
[P_REVIEW post_id=11 visual=’no’]


Use Comparison Charts ( Add-on )

[wpr_landing img nr=’3′ ]

Insert reviews from other posts:

[P_REVIEW post_id=54 visual=’full’]

6) Select between 13 of our premium custom rating icons (Add-on)


Demo Rockets Demo Medical Demo BooksDemo MoneyDemo Games


7) Preload review features from previous articles ( Add-on)

Preload features


All the add-ons are included into the WP Product Review PRO Bundle


[P_REVIEW post_id=11 visual=’full’]

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